Platinum Twist 3 Stone Ring
0.75ct Diamond & Garnets


A special occasion is forever captured within a bespoke piece of jewellery such as this magnificent 3 stone. For a milestone wedding anniversary this ring was gifted from husband to wife. We had discussed the design of this ring based on similar designs that we had done in the past. She was fond of the swooping A symmetric style of the band and he was set on utilising 2 garnets taken out of his Grandmothers ring. A 0.75ct diamond centre stone was the perfect focal point to bring light and fire to the garnets. The piece was only going to be in platinum to give a cooler tone and a more contemporary feel to the piece. Our customer consultations are as unique as you are, tailored to your designs, ideas and passions. Consultations can be booked with either Laura or Mark at our shop in Diss, Norfolk.

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