Jewellery Alterations


The Jewellery Workshop offers a comprehensive selection of remounting options to our clients. Remounting is when a piece is either not your preferred style or is too worn out to repair. We carefully remove your stones by hand and remount them into a completely new piece or mount.

Remounting gives your jewellery a new lease of life whilst using your original stones. The design can replicate the original or be a complete re-design repurposing your stones in a new and exciting way.

A consultation is required with our designers to assess your current piece and establish the type of mount or design that would be best for you. Remounts can be made in any desired metal for any type of jewellery.

Bespoke jewellery Construction
Loose Gemstone in packet


The remodelling of jewellery consists of changing aspects of an existing piece into a more desirable one. All remodelling takes place in our on-site workshop including.

Stone changing Shank and collet removal and replacement Conversions to different types of jewellery Bespoke remodelling Melt and mill your gold (see below)

Remodelling is slightly different to remounting, as we try and use as much of the original ring as possible whilst changing smaller individual elements, rather than using something completely new.

The Jewellery Workshop offers remodelling designs and ideas as part of our free consultation service on-site in our retail shop. To arrange an appointment please get in touch via our contact page.

Melt & Mill

All of the work is undertaken on-site, including the melting of your gold. By recycling your existing gold jewellery in this way, you benefit by gaining a new desired piece, whilst retaining the inherent value of the metal and stones.

This method of ‘Melt and Mill’ manufacture is also ideal for sentimental pieces, as all of the gold and stones are from the original piece of jewellery. To learn more about this process please get in touch via our contact page.