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Bespoke is truly the ultimate in luxury. Every part of our process at The Jewellery Workshop is tailored to the individual culminating in a unique piece to be cherished and treasured.

Bespoke Jewellery

The Jewellery Workshop has offered bespoke jewellery to customers for over 40 years. The art of creating jewellery dates back hundreds, even thousands of years, and is passed on through generations of goldsmiths. A bespoke piece from The Jewellery Workshop is expertly crafted to the highest quality and with the utmost attention to detail.

From initial design and artistry, through to the fabrication of metal and careful selection of gemstones, your pieces come to life in this fascinating process. The workshop is a hive of activity with diverse commissions ranging from clean-cut precision to organic and extraordinary creativity. Our specialist skill is to work in conjuncture with clients, creating a final piece that captures the individual desires of our customers.

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Our creative designers, Mark and Laura, work collaboratively with you through each part of the process, in realising and developing your own ideas into a one-off bespoke piece. It is an exciting journey that takes time, but produces pieces of great originality.

The process begins with a consultation. Some clients come with drawings pictures and photographs, others with nothing. This is ideally onsite, but we can always work collaboratively via the internet. Once we have established the essence of your design we will follow the principles of: discussing, discovering, designing and developing to bring your ideas to life. This is a fun and exciting part of the commission process.

After accepting your free quotation our workshop will begin work crafting your piece. This process requires perfection at every stage, meaning it may take up to 12 weeks from beginning to completion. This may also involve selecting stones from our on-site range, or ordering in stones on approval from one of our registered dealers for you to choose from.

When you next see us it will be time for the grand reveal! Collections take place at our shop from your personal designer-maker. Anything made within our workshop receives a free annual ‘check-up’ and clean and polish to help you keep it in perfect condition.

Mark and Laura, our specialist senior designers, hold industry standard qualifications and clients are assured of expert advice on; the practicality and value of the stones, the best type of setting and metal. This will ensure a piece of jewellery is created that can then be enjoyed for future generations.

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Materials & Gemstones

With our wealth of experience comes a unique and wide range of fascinating stock of precious gemstones and metals to use in our bespoke pieces. We make in a range of precious metal including gold, palladium and platinum. Each metal has its own unique properties which can be discussed and advised during your consultation.

Clients are also invited to view our hand selected ranges of stones from our suppliers to inspire and inform designs. Diamonds and gemstones are Laura’s speciality. Having completed her GIA Diamond Grading & Coloured Stone Grading she is the ideal person to give trusted advice when it comes to selecting the perfect stones. The GIA are the world’s foremost non-profit authority on diamond, coloured stones and pearls, and also implemented the globally used diamond grading system.

The Jewellery Workshop sources and supplies only the highest quality metals and precious gemstones.


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