Platinum, Sapphire and Diamond Multi-Band



This bold design features around 20gms of platinum metal, rub over set with diamonds and sapphires in a 3 band single ring. Our customer was looking for a wide band design to sit comfortably on her hand for daily wear whilst accented with sapphires and diamonds. Platinum is the ultimate luxury in jewellery metal, it has a high density making it lovely and weighty, whilst being very strong and durable even in delicate designs for every day wear. One of the main draws for customers however, is that the metal also stays naturally white, so no need for any rhodium plating maintenance.

The ring was designed by Laura using different shaped stones to add an A-symmetric feel, whilst contained within the width of the 3 geometric bands. Each ring was made individually with the collets for the stones, and then all 3 assembled into a singular fixed piece. A final high finish polish and the ring was ready to adorn our lovely customer.

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